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The range of the Grands Crus Wines

Produced from the Schlossberg, Hengst, Steingrubler, Furstentum and Pfersigberg. Wines of the appellation A.O.C Alsace Grand Cru, counting 50 Grands Crus in Alsace. Each one has its own delimitation of the soil, its own natural richness and is submitted to a very strict tasting approval. Such as the variety, the mark of the soil makes every Alsatian Grand unique wines. Only 4 varieties are admitted in the category of the Grand Cru ; the Riesling, the Muscat, the Tokay-Pinot Gris and the Gewurztraminer.
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The label created by François Bruetschy

"The label destined for the Grands Crus puts forward the predominance of the soil, its richness and its beauty. It is this soil which is the legacy of the work and the care of several generations of passionate persons. A passion expressed by the red colour which thus keeps the memory of the old labels. The four squares express the diversity of the parcels of land, disseminated and however subtly intertwined, which are the particularity of the domaine. They also underline the creativity and the enthousiasm of the women and men who put their particular talents in the service of a common strength : the strength that gives them the love of the wine, the love of their wines. For me, it was important that the label expresses what expresses the wine when we drink it." by François Bruetschy

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