Vintage 2016

The year began with a long period of mild weather, bringing with it the rainfall needed to revive the roots.  There were only a few days of frost. 

Our cherry tree was in full flower by 7th April, which coincided with bud-break on the vines.   On 19th April, a bout of spring frost affected lower Wettolsheim and Gueberschwihr where the estate has begun renting some vineyards.  May delivered unusually cool weather with constant dampness.  Specks of mildew appeared after rainfall on 29th May.  Flowering started on 12th June and was over by the month’s end. 

The rainfall over the first six months was significant in Alsace.  In Colmar, the rain gauge measured 500mm, which equates to an entire year’s worth of precipitation in the region.  Like all the other wine regions of France, Alsace was hit by mildew. This required regular, spaced-out treatment to contain it.  The rain-soaked ground meant that conditions for working the soil were less than optimal.

By mid-July, the weather did a flip turn, the sun re-emerged and dryness set in until mid-September.  At the start of of the harvest, and with the vines returning to a good state of health, the pessimism that had begun to loom towards the end of June had been replaced by a good dose of optimism.
The harvest got underway on 13th September with the picking for the Crémant.  Berry sampling from different parcels was carried out regularly in order to measure sugar levels.  It quickly appeared that fruit maturation was mixed, which resulted in the harvest spanning up until 15th November - a record nine weeks!

To date:
The Pinot Noirs are showing stunning colours and silky tannins.
The Pinot Blancs and Auxerrois exhibit dainty structures.
The Muscat is a great success with its seductive aromatics.
The Rieslings are straight-lined and crisp; if the heavy soils of Furstentum and Rosenberg have performed well, the young vines in the lighter terroir will have been exposed to a little hydric stress.
The Pinot Gris demonstrate a startling finesse. Yield control has paid off.  They are showing remarkable complexity.
Our older Gewurztraminer vines planted on limestone-clay soil are a great success.
The excellent health of the vines and superb Indian summer allowed us to stretch the harvest out and pick according to when grape maturity had been reached in each parcel.  The fermented juices did not manifest any issues in particular.  Sugar levels were lower than those in 2015; acidity levels were sharp and elegant.  The vintage marks the return of the typical dry-style wine.  No one ever dreamed of a such a harvest but after three years of low volumes, it is more than welcome.
The spirit of the vintage is similar to that of 2010; its wines are set to dazzle a thousand times over.

January 2017

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