Vintage 2013, a tease of a vintage !

A wet and snowy winter led to complications working the soil.

The vines awoke mid-April and by the 19th, Wettolsheim's cherry trees were in full bloom.

Temperatures were low in May and the grass grew faster than the actual vines.

Flowering began firstly in the Hardt vineyard of Colmar, during which time we experienced four very warm days of around 37°C, from the 16th to 19th of June. However, temperatures quickly dropped again and remained very low for the season. For this reason, flowering was straggered which in turn brought about some fruitset issues, including coulure (areas of unformed berries) and millerandage ( small, seedless berries).

July was extremely warm and dry with signs of drought in some young plants obliging us to water them abundantly.
A short spell of hail on 6th of August pelted the Colmar area, although the final damage was minimal. At the same time, 50 mm of rain watered the vineyard allowing them to breathe.

Despite this tease of a year, the state of health of the vines was satiffactory and the harvest began on 24th september with the Crémant, followed by the Pinot Blanc parcels and all the estate's Pinot Noirs.

A storm struck the vineyard on Saturday 5th of October bringing 67 mm of rain. But unlike 2006, temperatures dropped so significantly and the nights were so fresh that the grapes did not deteriorate. Owing to the precipitation, we decided to quickly bring the harvest to a close. It was the right choice. The juices that emerged from the wine press were extremely sound.

We chose to condense the harvest into 4 weeks rather than the 7 of 2012 which explains why there are no late harvest or noble rot wines this year, apart from one special selected harvest Riesling.

The low volume of grapes is due to small-sized bunches. Grape maturity turned out successfully with normal degrees of alcohol and fine but sustained acidity levels which will allow certain batches to age very nicely. 
The vintage has resulted in fresh, digestible and understated wines.
The quality of the Crémants and the range of Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir wines promises to be very balanced.
The Muscat has produced few bottles due to the fruitset issues.
Harvest conditions were more difficult for the Riesling and Gewurztraminer parcels but, given the quality of their terroirs and the way in which their strengths have been mastered, we very confident in the wines of this vintage.
February 2014

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