Vintage 2012, a paradoxal vintage

Dry with low precipitation, winter experienced relatively mild temperatures.  February was marked by a cold spell lasting nine days.   Vine bud-burst was early, thanks to anticyclonic conditions with a dry, sunny period which allowed us to tie the vines earlier than usual.  There was a halt in the vines’ development in April due to chilly weather.
The month of May started with cool temperatures, then at the end of the month, the days were more forgiving as  vine growth accelerated and flowering began on 29th May.  The first treatments started on 24th May.  In June, we observed alternating damp then fresh then mild weather, creating conditions which can lead to disease.  Consequently,  a more intense rate of treatment was required.  Flowering lasted the entire month of June.

July was sunny with a dry spell which, despite our fears in spring, helped maintain a good state of health for the plants.  In August, the summer warmth was favourable to the fruit ripening.  September’s cool temperatures kept  tartric acid at a good level, an indispensable quality for the balance of the wine.  As the harvest approached, the 2012 vintage clearly promised to be an outstanding year with its well-paced stages of phenolic development .  Such thus informed our management of the ripening process and the harvest.  

At the winery, harvesting began on 10th Sepember with the Crémant. The grapes already promised the foundations of elegant and perfectly balanced wines. 

We continued on to the fresh and aromatic Pinot Blanc and Auxerrois. 

Next, we harvested the Pinot Noir plots which showed perfect structure, rich tannins, deep colour and high anthocyanins.
The Pinot Gris parcels were the great winners of this vintage, thanks to a healthy harvest, grapes in perfect condition and a fine balance of alcohol and acidity. 

Come the plots of Riesling, repetitive harvesting was required owing to the heterogeneity of the fruit.  Spring flowering had been spread out and low water levels in summer brought about a greatly staggered-out ripening process.  

A rainy period in early October briefly interupted the harvest and ended with a small harvest of Gewurztraminer exhibiting a combination of freshness and fruitiness with a note of spice.  One single Vendanges Tardive (late harvest) has been produced from the Gewurztraminer vineyards on the ALTENBOURG.  There was no production of noble rot.

In the end, the harvest was spread out over seven weeks, interspered with pickings occurring as required.  We are grateful to our flexible grape-pickers who willingly adapted to the grapes and the weather!

Unlike many French regions, Alsace was spared from the hailstorms and frost and as such, a beautiful range of dry wine built on finesse and elegance awaits you!
Mars 2013

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